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Epoxy IDF-SL

IDF ( Industrial Diamond Floor) SL

100% Solids cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy IDF-SL is the most durable and easy to clean long lasting epoxy flooring.

Epoxy IDF-SL ideal for industrial and commercial flooring. It is suitable for high traffic decorative floor.



IDF ( Industrial Diamond Floor) TOP

Decorative epoxy paint.

IDF-TOP is durable, anti-slip and cost effective floor coating It has good adhesion and flexbility, Good resistance to watar, oil and greases.

IDF-TOP is ideal for concrete and wood flooring, It is suitable for commercial and industrial flooring.


IDF Anti-static SL

IDF Antistatic Floorings

IDF Anti-static SL two part anti-static epoxy flooring.

IDF Anti-static SL is use for such areas as computer room, Communication room, labs, Hospital,Electronic plants, Printing factories, Chemical factories, Fuel and solvents warehouse.


Chemical Resistance Epoxy


IDF NOVOLAC is the most corrosion and chemical resistance epoxy coating, It produces high cross-linked cured systems.

IDF NOVOLAC shows outstanding resistance to strong acids.


Epoxy Anti-Slip

IDF ( Industrial Diamond Floor) AS-55

IDF AS-55 is 100% solids epoxy

Epoxy IDF AS-55 is the most durable and easy to clean long lasting epoxy flooring.

Epoxy IDFAS-55 is ideal for wet floor, Industrial kitchen, Slope road, Pool and stairs.


IDF ( Industrial Diamond Floor) AS-310

IDF AS-310 is 100% solids epoxy

Epoxy IDF AS-310 is suitable for high traffic durable flooring.

Epoxy IDF AS-310 is ideal for wet and oilyfloor for cars, forklifts and trucks use.


IDF- Quartz and Terrazzo

IDF ( Industrial Diamond Floor) Quartz

IDF-Quartz it is decorative, durable, easy to clean, scratch resistanceepoxy flooring.


Dream Floors

Dream Flooritiscombination ofan Epoxy and Urethane Acrylates in a special processwe can make a dream to reality .


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